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Ernst Kitzinger Memorial

Byzantine 2005 Colloquium, Colloquiarchs: Henry Maguire and Alice-Mary Talbot

This colloquium was organized as a tribute to the memory of Ernst Kitzinger, who died in January 2003 at the age of 90. It was most appropriate for a memorial conference to be planned at Dumbarton Oaks, where Kitzinger spent a quarter century of his career (1941–1966), where he researched and wrote a significant portion of his scholarly oeuvre, and where he served as Director of Studies for eleven years (1955–1966), playing a formative role in the shaping of the Byzantine program.

The speakers, almost all of whom were doctoral students of Kitzinger's at Harvard, were asked to contribute papers on their mentor's career as scholar and teacher or to make a presentation that reflects Kitzinger's scholarly interests and his influence on their intellectual formation. At the close of Friday afternoon's session there was an opportunity for members of the audience to offer reminiscences of their teacher/colleague.


Alice-Mary Talbot on the Kitzinger Years at Dumbarton Oaks