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Gift-Giving and Donation in the Medieval World

The Oak Room, Fellowship House
February 9, 2019
09:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Byzantine Studies Teaching Day

The 2019 Teaching Day will focus on gift-giving and interaction in Byzantium and Medieval Europe through a combination of papers, object handling sessions, and a tour of the exhibition Juggling the Middle Ages. Participants will take part in an exploration of gift-giving and interaction in the context of festivals and holidays, donations and tribute, diplomatic exchanges and religious devotion, and even disease as an unintended consequence of such contacts.

Teaching Day represents a unique opportunity to experience the work of a research institution like Dumbarton Oaks. Participants will hear papers from leading scholars and go behind the scenes at the Dumbarton Oaks Museum with a chance to handle parts of the collection and speak with the curator of our current exhibition.

Teaching Day is by invitation only.


Ms. Anna Kelley, University of Birmingham

Professor Daniel Caner, Indiana University–Bloomington

Professor Michael McCormick, Harvard University

Nereid Textile, 6th–early 7th c., wool, BZ.1932.1.