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Trade And Markets In Byzantium

Byzantine Symposium, May 2-4, 2008, Symposiarch: Cécile Morrisson

Over the last decades archaeological evidence has played a great part in reshaping our perspectives and understanding of trade in Byzantium from Late Antiquity to the late Byzantine period. The symposium first looked back into the historiography of the debate on the role of the state in Late Antique exchanges and then gave the state of the art of research on the movement of goods at various levels within the Byzantine world, with particular importance given to regional exchanges. In relation with the temporary exhibition of coin weights, scales and their context in the reopened Byzantine gallery, the symposium focused equally on markets and the market place, which have up to now been studied essentially from the Constantinopolitan point of view. It was hoped that bringing together historians, archaeologists and epigraphists will help us combine the "macro" perspective with a "micro" and less familiar one.



Group Photo