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Staff in Byzantine Studies

Byzantine Studies and affiliated staff

Nikos D. Kontogiannis

Director of Byzantine Studies

Judy Lee.

Judy Lee

Program Coordinator for Byzantine Studies



Elizabeth Dospel Williams.

Elizabeth Dospěl Williams

Associate Curator, Byzantine Collection

Jonathan Shea.

Jonathan Shea

Associate Curator of Coins and Seals


Library and Archives

Stephanie Caruso.c

Stephanie Caruso

Postdoctoral Fellow, Byzantine Art and Archaeology

Taylor Johnson.

Taylor Johnson

Rare Book Collection Assistant

Joshua Robinson.

Joshua Robinson

Byzantine Studies Librarian

Bettina Smith.

Bettina Smith

Manager, Image Collections and Fieldwork Archives

Anatole Tchikine.

Anatole Tchikine

Curator of Rare Books

Alyson Williams.

Alyson Williams

Reader Services Librarian



Nicole Eddy.

Nicole Eddy

Managing Editor, Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library

Colin Whiting.

Colin Whiting

Managing Editor, Byzantine Studies