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Fellowships and Awards

“The distinction of the scholars themselves as well as of their writings; the interpretation of the texts and the arts; the quality of the music performed; the free discussion within the limits of good deportment, and the whole tempered by the serenity of open spaces and ancient trees; all these are as integral a part of Humanism at Dumbarton Oaks as are the Library and the Collections.”
Mildred Barnes Bliss

Meet Our Fellows

The Dumbarton Oaks fellowship program began in 1940 with a cohort of five junior Byzantinists, its mission to facilitate, disseminate, and advance research in the Humanities. Today, and with this same aim, our programs award over 150 appointments annually in the expanded fields of Byzantine, Garden and Landscape, and Pre-Columbian Studies. Residential fellowships for an academic year, semester, or summer are awarded in all three areas of study to scholars from around the world. In addition, Dumbarton Oaks offers one-month nonresidential awards to researchers and short-term predoctoral residencies to advanced graduate students. A program of project grants primarily supports archaeological research, as well as materials analysis and photographic surveys of objects and monuments. Summer schools and workshops bring together students for in-depth study of languages, material culture, and theory.

“Books, gardens and material culture at the Museum; what else could a humanist ask for? Good conversation, interesting scholars, and most of all, diverse friends.”

—Dumbarton Oaks Fellow, 2019

Fellowship Opportunities

Fellowships are awarded on the basis of demonstrated scholarly ability and preparation of the candidate, including knowledge of requisite languages, interest and value of the study or project, and the project’s relevance to the resources of Dumbarton Oaks.

Academic Year of Semester

Research Fellowships

Available to Byzantine, Pre-Columbian, and Garden and Landscape scholars with a terminal degree (Fellowships) or to degree candidates who have fulfilled all preliminary requirements for a terminal degree (Junior Fellowships). Both categories are awarded for an academic year or semester. Apply by November 1.

I Tatti–Dumbarton Oaks Joint Fellowship for Eastern Mediterranean Studies

Available to early- and mid-career scholars whose work explores cross-cultural contacts in and beyond the late medieval and early modern Mediterranean. Apply by November 1.

Mellon Fellowships in Democracy and Landscape Studies

Available to cross-disciplinary scholars, with preference for candidates with terminal degrees (PhD or MLA). Awards are for a semester or academic year. Apply by November 1.

Summer Term

Summer Fellowships

Available to researchers in Byzantine and Pre-Columbian studies at all career stages beyond the first year of graduate school. Apply by November 1.

Flora Clancy Summer Fellowship in Maya Studies for Latin American Researchers

Available to scholars in the field of Maya Studies on any level of advancement beyond the first year of graduate study (post-Licenciatura) who are academically based in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, or El Salvador. Apply by November 1.

Mellon Summer Fellowships in Democracy and Landscape Studies

Each summer we host fellows whose research gathers around a specific topic. In 2023 the theme is “Black Atlantic Geographies” Apply by November 1.

Project Grants

Available to cover direct costs of scholarly projects in the areas of study Dumbarton Oaks supports. Restrictions vary by program. Grants provide $3,000–10,000 in reimbursement upon submission of receipts. Apply by November 1.

Learn more about Project Grants

Short-Term Opportunities

Several opportunities are available for students scholars at all career stages who desire to take advantage of the resources at Dumbarton Oaks for periods shorter than an academic year or semester. 

Summer Schools and Workshops

Summer schools and workshops bring together students for in-depth study of languages, material culture, and theory. Opportunities include the Garden and Landscape Studies Graduate Workshop, the Plant Humanities Summer Program, and summer schools in Byzantine Greek, Syriac and Armenian, and Byzantine coins and seals. Opportunities will be posted in the fall.

Bliss Symposium Awards

Available to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students to attend Dumbarton Oaks’ symposia in Byzantine, Pre-Columbian, and Garden and Landscape Studies.

One-Month Research Awards

Awards of $4,000 available to scholars with a terminal degree working on research projects in Byzantine studies, Pre-Columbian studies, Garden and Landscape studies, or related fields.


The Musician-in-Residence program was inaugurated in 2014–2015 to continue and enhance a long tradition of music at Dumbarton Oaks. The main goal of the residency is to provide time and resources to young composers and musicians who show promise in transmitting traditions of classical music to younger generations. Residencies are by invitation only.

Research Grants for Scholars at Risk Due to the Conflict In Ukraine

Dumbarton Oaks is committed to the support of scholarship around the world. We are offering a limited number of research grants available to those affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

For more information on the terms of the grant, please go here.