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The Dumbarton Oaks Anthology of Chinese Garden Literature

Duncan Campbell, Australian National University, Fellow 2011–2012

I came to Dumbarton Oaks to undertake the editing of an anthology of translations of Chinese garden literature to be published by Dumbarton Oaks. The anthology features both prose and poetry in a variety of genres, from the Tang Dynasty (618–907) until the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911). My tasks involved selecting material to be included in the anthology (from a larger body of material that had been developed over the project’s decade-long duration, and supplemented by texts which were not initially under consideration but which I felt needed to be included, the translation of some of which I undertook myself); close editing of all the translated texts included in the anthology, with reference to the originals; drafting of introductory material, both to chapters and to individual items; choosing images to accompany the translations; and finally, preparing both front and back matter (chronology, glossary, permissions list, and so on). By the time I depart from Dumbarton Oaks, these various tasks will have been substantially completed; the anthology will be submitted to the publications department in fall 2012.