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The Relationship between Gardens and Woodblock Prints in Sixteenth-Century Ming China

Yi Wang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Fellow 2007–2008, Spring

During my fellowship I presented my research topic, The Relationship between Chinese Landscapes and Woodblock Prints from the Late Sixteenth Century to the Early Seventeenth Century, and enjoyed fruitful discussions with my colleagues. In the middle of April, I traveled with three members of the Garden and Landscape Studies program to the University of Bristol (UK) to attend the conference Leaping the Fence: Transitions between Garden and Landscape in the Chinese and European Traditions, where I delivered a paper. It was a valuable opportunity for me to meet with scholars from Europe and to exchange ideas on gardens and landscapes, which will be beneficial for my future research. Thanks to the Dumbarton Oaks library, I have not only collected useful materials and information for my work in garden and landscape studies but also for my other research fields, including painting, architecture, and furniture design.

During my stay at Dumbarton Oaks, I was fortunate to have enjoyed four concerts held in the Music Room. The traditional style of the music and the exquisite performances made a deep impression on both my wife and me. With the help and consideration of my colleagues and the Dumbarton Oaks staff, my wife and I enjoyed a wonderful time here. So we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to all who work and study at Dumbarton Oaks.