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Plant Humanities Initiative

Dumbarton Oaks and JSTOR, the digital library for research and teaching that is part of the nonprofit ITHAKA, are launching, with the support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Plant Humanities Initiative: a digital tool with related research and scholarly programming to advance the field of Plant Humanities. To this end, the Foundation has awarded JSTOR a grant of $750,000 for developing a digital tool, with a parallel grant of $700,000 to Dumbarton Oaks for the research and programming over three years.

Building on the Global Plants Initiative, and working in close collaboration, Dumbarton Oaks and JSTOR propose a new model of integrating digital humanities with scholarly programming that has three main goals: to provide innovative research and professional development opportunities for early-career humanists; to create a digital tool informed by the insights and needs of teachers and students as well as librarians and technical experts; and to supplement existing digitized resources with new primary source material, contextualize them, and disseminate them.

The ultimate focus of the digital tool will be determined in the first year of the project in consultation with the advisory committee. Content for the digital tool will then be developed by intergenerational teams of students and scholars who will come to Dumbarton Oaks to receive training and conduct research in the research institute’s special collections during a four-week summer school and nine-month academic year fellowships.

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