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Landscape Design and the Experience of Motion

Introduction: Michel Conan, Director of Studies in Landscape Architecture

First Session

Designing for an Aesthetic of Engagement
Session Chair: Catherine Howett, University of Georgia

Linda Parshall, Portland State University/Dumbarton Oaks | Motion and Emotion in Hirschfelds Theory of Garden Art (Theorie der Gartenkunst)

Patricia Johanson | Beyond Choreography: Shifting Experiences in Uncivilized Gardens

Arnold Berleant, Long Island University | Down the Garden Path

Second Session

Three Aesthetics of Performance: Walking, Riding in a Train, Driving
Session Chair: Peter Jacobs, University of Montreal

John Dixon Hunt, University of Pennsylvania | Lordship of the Feet: Toward a Poetics of Movement in the Garden

Anette Freytag | Urban Parks and Velocity: When a Train Links Different Worlds

Stephen Bann, University of Kent at Canterbury | Sensing the Stones: Bernard Lassus and the Ground of Landscape Design

Third Session

Design of Metaphorical Itineraries
Session Chair: Michael Leslie, Rhodes College

Ann Kuttner, University of Pennsylvania | Delight and Danger: Motion in the Roman Water Garden at Sperlonga and Tivoli

Michael Charlesworth, University of Texas | Movement and Mercantile Morality at Stourhead

Michel Conan, Dumbarton Oaks | Landscape Metaphors and Metamorphosis of Time

Fourth Session

Design Challenges to the Opposition between Place and Motion
Session Chair: Richard Etlin, University of Maryland

Norris Brock Johnson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill | Mountain, Temple and the Design of Movement: 13th-Century Japanese Zen Buddhist Landscapes

Stanislaus Fung, University of New South Wales | Movement and Stillness in Ming Writings on Gardens

Jan Birksted, Canterbury School of Architecture | The Maeght Foundation: Mobility, Change and Process as Foundation

Concluding Remarks: Michel Conan

Conferences and Tertulias