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Current and Former William R. Tyler Fellows

Current Fellows

Trenton Barnes
Pre-Columbian Studies, 2018–2020
“Walking the Space of Time: Void and Body in the Architecture of Teotihuacan, Mexico”

Walter Chahanovich
“Islamic Mysticism and Apocalypticism in the Eastern Mediterranean”

Philip Gant
Garden and Landscape Studies, 2017–2019
“Temple Litigation and Korea’s Long Nineteenth Century”

John Mulhall
Byzantine Studies, 2018–2020
“Eastern Knowledge, Latin Letters: A Cultural History of the Medieval Translation Movement, ca. 1050–1350”

Jake Ransohoff
Byzantine Studies, 2017–2019
“Vision and Punishment: Blinding in the Byzantine World”

Past Fellows

Nathanael Aschenbrenner
Byzantine Studies, 2015–2017
“Rome Contested: Byzantine, Humanist, and Holy Roman Discourses of Empire in the Fifteenth Century”

Ari Caramanica
Pre-Columbian Studies, 2016–2018
“The Forgotten Landscapes of the Peruvian North Coast: Cupisnique, Moche, and Chimu Peripheral Occupation”

Dylan Clark
Pre-Columbian Studies, 2011–2013
“Living on the Edge: The Residential Spaces, Social Organization, and Dynamics of Isla Cerritos, a Maya Port”

Merih Danalı Cantarella
Byzantine Studies, 2012–2013 and 2014–2015
“Negotiating Self-Representation and Cultural Identity: Artistic and Cultural Responses to the Byzantine-Ottoman Encounter (1300–1453)”

Coleman Connelly
Byzantine Studies, 2014–2016
“Appropriating the Greek Past in the Greco-Arabic Translation Movement”

John Davis
Garden and Landscape Studies, 2015–2017
“The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the American Landscape, 1865–1904”

Saskia Dirkse
Byzantine Studies, 2012–2014
“Asceticism, Orality, and Textual Transmission in the Spiritual Meadow of John Moschus”

Polina Ivanova
Byzantine Studies, 2016–2018
“From Byzantium’s East to Iran’s West: Economic Change and the Rise of Cities in Medieval Asia Minor, 1000–1400”

Jakub Kabala
Byzantine Studies, 2011–2013
“Frontier Spaces: Imagining Eastern Europe, ca. 750–900 AD”

Konstantina Karterouli
Byzantine Studies, 2011–2013
“The Assimilation of Byzantine Art in Western Art of the Late Twelfth Century”

Deirdre Moore
Garden and Landscape Studies, 2015–2017
“Indigenous Knowledge and Breeding of Cochineal Insects in Eighteenth-Century Colonial Mexico”

Aleksandar Shopov
Garden and Landscape Studies, 2012–2014
“Ottoman Horticultural Science and Practice, 1453­–1669”

Abbey Stockstill
Garden and Landscape Studies, 2016–2018
“Crafting an Identity: Landscape and Urbanism in Almohad Marrakesh”

Nawa Sugiyama
Pre-Columbian Studies, 2012–2014
“Ritualized Animals: Understanding Human-Animal Interactions at Teotihuacan”

Lisa Trever
Pre-Columbian Studies, 2011–2013
“Moche Mural Painting and Practice at Pañamarca: A Study of Image Making in Ancient Peru”

Deniz Turker Cerda
Garden and Landscape Studies, 2013–2015
“Ottoman Victoriana: Istanbul’s Last Ottoman Palace-Complex of Yildiz, 1876–1909”

David Ungvary
Byzantine Studies, 2015–2017
“The Anxiety of Artifice: Latin Poetic Culture in the Early Medieval Mediterranean, ca. 500–700”

Julian Yolles
Byzantine Studies, 2013–2015
“Latin Culture in the Crusader States (1099–1187)”

John Zaleski
Byzantine Studies, 2016–2018
“Asceticism in the Eastern Mediterranean, Seventh through Ninth Century”