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Postgraduate Fellowships in the Humanities at Dumbarton Oaks

Expand your skillset and explore future careers in the Humanities

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Dumbarton Oaks is a research institute, museum, and historic garden in Washington, DC, affiliated with Harvard University. It supports research and learning internationally in Byzantine, Garden and Landscape, and Pre-Columbian Studies through its fellowship programs, publications, scholarly meetings, and exhibitions.

The Postgraduate Fellowships are for graduating seniors and recent Harvard College graduates who wish to develop and apply their research and professional skills while gaining experience, building a portfolio of successful projects, and contributing to the humanities. These fellowships emphasize the development of foundational and specific technical skills that enhance the career readiness and employability of liberal arts graduates.

Postgraduate Fellowships are one-year appointments. They carry a stipend of $40,000/annum; a medical insurance contribution from Dumbarton Oaks; and a modest research allowance. We offer weekday lunch to all fellows in our Refectory (with the exception of closures). Postgraduate Fellows are responsible for their own housing. The fellowship year begins in early September 2022.

Eligibility: Candidates who have received a Harvard undergraduate degree within the past 3 years are eligible to apply. US citizens and permanent residents only (graduating seniors eligible for OPT may also apply). Dumbarton Oaks is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

Apply by April 15, 2022.


Current Opportunities


Current Fellows

Julia Fine.

Julia Fine

Postgraduate Plant Humanities Fellow

Ava Hampton.

Ava Hampton

Postgraduate Public Programming and Outreach Fellow

Eleanor Lieberman

Eleanor Lieberman

Postgraduate Performance Measurement and Evaluation Fellow

Lauren Toman.

Lauren Toman

Postgraduate Cultural Philanthropy Fellow

Richard Tong

Richard Tong

Postgraduate Digital Media Fellow

May Wang

May Wang

Postgraduate Writing and Reporting Fellow

Gabriel Ziaukas

Gabriel Ziaukas

Postgraduate Curatorial Fellow for the Garden Centennial


Former Fellows

Alona Bach
Postgraduate Curatorial Fellow, 2017–2019

Lane Baker
Postgraduate Research Fellow, Ephemera, 2016–2018

Leib Celnik
Postgraduate Fellow in Botanical Art, 2019–2021

Anne Marie Creighton
Postgraduate Library Research Fellow, 2014–2015

Rebecca Frankel
Postgraduate Research Fellow in Medieval Latin, 2015–2017

Joseph Glynias
Postgraduate Research Fellow in Byzantine Studies, 2014–2015

Spencer Lenfield
Postgraduate Media Fellow, 2015–2017

Kathryn McCawley
Postgraduate Curatorial Fellow, 2017–2018

Nathalie Miraval
Postgraduate Research Fellow, Communications and Outreach, 2016–2018

Elizabeth Muñoz Huber
Postgraduate Digital Media Fellow, 2018–2020

Julia Ostmann
Postgraduate Writing and Reporting Fellow, 2018–2020

India Patel
Postgraduate Public Programming and Outreach Fellow, 2018–2019

Myagmarsuren Purev-Ochir
Postgraduate Digital Media Fellow, 2017–2018

Jessica Salley
Postgraduate Research Fellow in Communications and Public Outreach, 2014–2016

Ned Sanger
Postgraduate Fellow in Medieval Literature, 2019–2021

Andrea Schoenberg
Postgraduate Performance Measurement and Evaluation Fellow, 2018–2020

Samuel Shapiro
Postgraduate Curatorial Fellow, 2018–2019

Bailey Trela
Postgraduate Research Fellow, Writing and Reporting, 2016–2018

Alexandra Walsh
Postgraduate Public Programming and Outreach Fellow, 2020–2021