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Blissiana Files and Artifacts

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Dumbarton Oaks Archives, Washington, D.C.


Repository: Dumbarton Oaks Archives, Washington, D.C.

Call Number: Blissiana/Blissiana files and artifacts

Location: Archives 058, Blissiana vertical files, and various

Name of Creator(s): Milton V. Anastos; Louis S. Auchincloss; David W. Bailey; Demas Barnes; John Beckwith; Frederick W. Beekman; Margaret A. Beekman; George S. Bennett; Bernard Berenson; Mary Berenson; Elizabeth Bland; Mildred Barnes Bliss; Robert Woods Bliss; William Henry Bliss; Nadia Boulanger; Jeanice Brooks; James Bryce; Paul Herman Buck; Eduardo J. Bullrich; Enrique Bullrich; McGeorge Bundy; Paul C. Cabot; Alberta Carpenter; José A. Carvalho; William H. Claflin; Alfredo Colmo; James B. Conant; Giles Constable; John Coolidge; Lawrence Coolidge; Robert T. Coolidge; Victoria Coolidge; Helen Crowley; Cecelia Davies; Henry de Courcy May; Lewis L. Delafield; Marcelina Irigoyen de Rodriguez; Charles Diehl; Barbara D. Dinsmore; Geoffrey Dodge; Lyman O. Dudley; George T. Ebeling; Jenny Egan; Clark Elliott; Edward W. Forbes; Enrique Gil; Victor D. Goytía; Marcel Grandjany; Jerome D. Greene; Grigorios, Archbishop of Sinai; Frank A. Gunther; Thelma C. Hammack; Annie Lou Herron; Harley P. Holden; Charles Hoyt; Sascha Jacobsen; Susan Jay; Rutgar Jewett; Leila Megane Jones; R. Keith Kane; Orvar Karlbeck; C. H. F. Kinderman-Walker; Alice Kindler; Dorothy Kingsford; Lincoln Kirstein; Eugene G. Kraetzer, Jr.; Ambrosius Lauriotes; D. Tracey Lay; Nina Leach-Lewis; Lady Wilmot Lewis; Helen Gay Mackintosh; J. Byrd Mann; Joan Maragall; Violet Markham; Newell Marshall; Thurgood Marshall; Thomas R. Martin; Thérèse Mayle; Grace Tytus McLennan; Adela Mildred Mella; Suzanne Mercury; Anna V.S. Mitchell; Nan Mitchell; Lawrence Morris; Ernest Nelson; Burdette C. Nicholls; W. Francklyn Paris; Hayford Peirce; Elizabeth Perkins; Arthur Pope; Matthew Pritchard; Nathan M. Pusey; Hubbert R. Quinter; James R. Reynolds; Brryman Ridges; Walter Spencer Robertson; Gladys Lloyd Robinson; Nelson A. Rockefeller; Ropes and Gray; Michael Rosenauer; Ellis Russell; Jorge J. Ruzzier; Meta P. Sachs; Ernest Schelling; Amy L. Schumann; Dennis J. Scioli; Mary Seiler; Henry L. Shattuck; Margaret Shaw; Mrs. Charles H. Sherrill; Daniel J. Sherman; Pat Sherman; Dorothy Snow; William Stanley; J. Alan Steinkamp; Candace Stimson; Elizabeth Strassmann; Susan B. Sturgis; Frank E. Taplin; Archibald G. Thacher; John S. Thacher; Elisina Tyler; Royall Tyler; William Royall Tyler; Helen van Ende; Irene Vaslef; Frederick C. Walcott; Langdon Warner; Annie Louise Bliss Warren; Fritz Werner; Mary L. Wilkins; Henry A. Wood, Jr.

Title: Blissiana Files and Artifacts

Inclusive Date: ca. 1902–2014

Language(s): English, French, German, and Spanish

Quantity: 20 series housed in 118 folders, 58 boxes, and 9 linear feet of shelving



Acquisition Information: These files and artifacts came to Dumbarton Oaks at various dates.

Processing Information: These files and artifacts were inventoried by James N. Carder in 1999 and processed by James N. Carder and Mary Ferranti in 2013.

Terms of Use and Access: These materials can be used for research and publication purposes.

Physical Access: An appointment is required for access to these materials. For appointment and queries contact: James N. Carder, Archivist,

Preferred Citation: Blissiana Files and Artifacts, Dumbarton Oaks Archives. Courtesy of Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Washington, D.C.