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Series 11: Golden Wedding Anniversary (April 14, 1958) (Location: Blissiana vertical files and various).

Folder 1:


Kennard Rand (1944).


Concert Program: “Concert under the Direction of Mademoiselle Nadia Boulanger, In honour of The Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary of The Founders Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woods Bliss, Monday evening, April fourteenth, 1958, Dumbarton Oaks.”

4 Engraved Invitations:  2 invitations to the Boulanger concert on April 14, 1958; 1 invitation to the presentation of the gift on April, 14, 1958; 1 invitation to the garden party, April 12, 1958.

Photocopy of newspaper article: “Blisses Are Honored On 50th Anniversary, Hundreds, Including Mrs. Eisenhower, Attend Dumbarton Oaks Reception,” The Washington Star (April 13, 1958).

Folder 2: Medallion Correspondence (1958): re: the gift of a medallion of Theodosius II on the occasion of the Blisses’ 50th wedding anniversary.

Box 1: Bliss 50th Wedding Anniversary Book, by Enid Eder Perkins, 1958: the dedication text was written by Alexis Léger (Saint-John Perse) and read by Henry B. Hyde, Robert Woods Bliss’s godson, to Mr. and Mrs. Bliss and the donors of the medallion of Theodosius II at a reception given by Mrs. Robert Low Bacon at her home, 1801 F Street, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Bliss, April 14, 1958 (Location: SUA1, Box 082).