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Series 18: Music (Location: Blissiana vertical files and various).

Folder 1: Musical Art Quartette, New York (1927–1933).

Folder 2: Musical Events and Composers, Correspondence and Miscellaneous (1940–1942).

Item 1: “From Cremona,” Time Magazine (January 10, 1927) (copy of magazine article).


Emanuel Bay (1941).

Emil Danenberg (1942).

John T. de Blois Wack (1941).

Jakob Gimpel (1941).

Hubert Klyne Headley (1941).

Florence Heifetz (1941).

Jose Iturbi (1941).

Benjamin Gibner King (1941–1942).

Inez Lauritano (1941).

René Le Roy (1942).

Eugene List (1942).

Paul Makovsky (1941).

Luther Brusie Marchant (1942).

Doris Nixon (1941).

[First name?] Palson [1942?].

Annie Reynalds (1942).

[First name?] Salzado (1942).

Alexander Stewert (1942).

Igor Stravinsky (1940–1941).

Folder 3: Records in Music Room (1941): list of the Blisses’ phonograph record collection housed in the Music Room in 1941.

Folder 4: Piano Playing Techniques: edition of Heinrich Germer, Technics, Ornamentation and Tone-Production in Pianoforte-Playing, (C. F. Leede, Leipzig: 1886), signed on frontispiece by Mildred Barnes, 1895.

Folder 5: Ernst Schelling Musical Score: musical score by the composer Ernest Schelling, friend of Mildred and Robert Woods Bliss: “A Victory Ball, Fantasy for Orchestra after the Poem by Alfred Noyes,” 1920 (holographic).

Box 1: Musical Scores Owned by Mildred and Robert Woods Bliss (Location: SUB3, Box 032).

Item 1: Freed, Isadore, Triptych for Violin, Viola, ‘Cello and Piano.

Item 2: Grunenwald, Jean-Jacques, Prelude pour le Piano.

Item 3: Holden, David, Music for Piano and Strings.

Item 4: Holden, David, Music for Piano and Strings.

Item 5: Koutzen, Brois, String Quartet No. 2.

Item 6: Koutzen, Brois, String Quartet No. 2.

Item 7: Porter, Quincy, Second Sonata for Violin and Piano.

Item 8: Schelling, Ernest, Divertimento for Quatuor à Cordes et Piano Obbligato.

Item 9: Shepherd, Arthur, Quartet for Strings in E Minor.

Item 10: Shepherd, Arthur, Quartet for Strings in E Minor.

Item 11: Smith, David Stanley, String Quartet No. 6 in C Major.

Item 12: Smith, David Stanley, String Quartet No. 6 in C Major.

Box 2: Musical Scores Owned by Mildred and Robert Woods Bliss (Location: SUB4, Box 048).

Item 1: Bove, J. Henry, The Pied Piper of Hamlin for Flute alone (inscribed: To Ro­bert Woods Bliss / Compliments of the / Composer J.H. Bove).

Item 2: Bove, J. Henry, Flageolet Lament (A Hidatsa Legend) for Flute alone (in­scribed: To Robert Woods Bliss / Compliments of the / Composer J.H. Bove).

Item 3: Castro, Juan Jose, Suite Infantil para Piano (inscribed: Para Mrs. Bliss, con profundo reconicimiento y [?] simpatia Juan Jose Castro iv-29 1933).

Item 4: Codini, P., Au General Pershing, U.S.A.?.. Here we are! (Nous void!) (In­scribed: Hommage respecteuse / à Madame Bliss / 4/9/17 à Paris - / I'auteur / P. Codini).

Item 5: de Kerekjarto, Duci, “Casa Dorinda” Legende (holograph) (inscribed: “Casa Dorinda” / Legende - / Dedicated to Mrs William H. Bliss / “The Lady of Casa Dorinda” / Duci de Kerekjarto.

Item 6: de Pedroso, Lolita, Noche Gitana, Zigenarnatt (inscribed: To Madame Bliss who so kindly is interested in my work. Lolita de Pedroso 31-12-1925).

Item 7: Franck, Bettina M., [Like a flash of a wing] (holograph) (set to Joseph Auslander poem used in Dumbarton Oaks gardens (accompanying letter dated 5/31/1939: Dear Mrs. Bliss: My pleasure in your beautiful gardens when they were open to the public last week, was enhanced by the delicate verse on your garden wall. It has kept running through my head and this little song cropped out. I thought perhaps it might give you pleasure. Sincerely [Mrs.] Bettina M. Franck P.O. Box 936 - San Diego - California).

Item 8: Grunenwald, Jean-Jacques, Thème et Variations pour le piano (inscribed: Pour Mrs. R. Woods Bliss / qui connait le sense profound / et humain de la musique / JJ Grunenwald /12 Oct. 1939).

Item 9: Henry, Harold, Fantasy-Poem for Piano (inscribed: For Mrs. Bliss with all good wishes Harold Henry).

Item 10: Huss, Henry Holden, La Nuit (The Night) Poem for the Piano, op. 21 (in­scribed: To Miss Mildred Barnes with the heartiest good wishes of Henry Hol­den Huss).

Huss, Henry Holden, Drei Bagatellen für das Pianoforte (inscribed: To Miss Mildred Barnes with the best wishes of the Composer).

Item 11: Kruszewska, Sophie, Il Nous Faut La Foi, Varsovienne (Inscribed: Au Comité / Américain / Souvenir reconnaissance / de Sophie Kruszewska / Paris / 1918).

Item 12: Luce, Allena, ed., Canciones Populares (1921) (inscribed: To my friend / Mrs. Robert Woods Bliss / Christmas, 1932 Allena Luce / Buenos Aires).

Item 13: McLennan, John Stewart, Rhapsodie, B flat minor (inscribed: To Aunt Twin / In memory of many things / June 1 1936 / John.

Item 14: Poole, Lilian Vorce, “A Tribute” (holograph) (inscribed: A Tribute / to / Mrs Robert Woods Bliss / by / Lilian Vorce Poole / Xmas 1939 / Buenos Aires).

Item 15: Riygier, C., Victoire! Chant Patriotique (Inscribed: Hommage de I’auteur/ C. Rougier).

Item 16: Rummel, Walter, Piano Transcriptions, J.S. Bach Choral Preludes (inscribed: For Mrs. Bliss. In rememberance of Stockholm February 18th. Auditorium from Walter Rummer Stockholm 1925).

Item 17: Rutherford, Aletha Jewell, Four Vocal Compositions (inscribed: For dear Mil­dred hoping she / will like them - / Althea).

Item 18: Rutherford, Aletha Jeweil, Hymn to Colorado (inscribed: Mildred from O.W (?). / 1923).

Item 19: Schelling, Ernest, A Victory Ball.

Item 20: Schelling, Ernest, Violin Concerto (piano score) (inscribed: For Mildred / in remembrance of December 28th 1921 / from / Ernest / Washington).

Item 21: Stravinsky, Igor, Dumbarton Oaks Concerto.

Item 22: Townsend, Lawrence, The Sea Is Calling (Inscribed: In / souvenir of / our [?] / all our love / dear Mildred / afee / Natalie).

Item 23: Townsned, Natalie, Two French Songs (Inscribed: Please think of me when you sing these, do not / forget your affee friend / Natalie - 1923).

Item 24: Townsned, Natalie, Aubade Printanière (Chattering Birds) (inscribed: Do play this, dearest, Mildred, all my best wishes for / a happy musical life in Sweden - / from / Natalie Townsend / 1923.

Item 25: Undén, Agnes, Sju Sanger (Inscribed: Till Mrs. Mildred Bliss / med in ... [?] / Agnes Undén.

Item 26: Widor, Charles-Marie, Nerto (inscribed by Widor to Mildred Bliss, 8/20/1924).

Item 27: Wilhelmi, Tobias, Violin-Concert 1920–1921 (inscribed: An Mrs. Bliss / erge-benst / von / Komponisten).