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Series 20: Wills and Estates (Location: Blissiana vertical files and various).

Folder 1: Mildred Barnes Bliss: Last Will and Testament (August 31, 1966) (photocopy).

Folder 2: Mildred Barnes Bliss: death notifications, funeral arrangements, and condolence letters (1969).

Folder 3: Mildred Barnes Bliss: correspondence re: estate at 1537 28th Street, Washington, D.C.: (1969–1970).

Louis S. Auchincloss (1969).

George T. Ebeling (1969).

Grigorios, Archbishop of Sinai (1970).

Thelma C. Hammack (1969–1970).

R. Keith Kane (1969).

Eugene G. Kraetzer, Jr. (1969–1970).

J. Byrd Mann (1969).

Burdette C. Nicholls (1970).

Ellis Russell (1969–1970).

Dennis J. Scioli (1969).

William Stanley (1969).

J. Alan Steinkamp (1969).

Frank E. Taplin (1969).

John S. Thacher (1969).

William R. Tyler (1969–1970).

Folder 4: Mildred Barnes Bliss: C. G. Sloan & Co., Inc. “Appraisement: Estate of Mildred Barnes Bliss, Tangible Personal Property Belonging to Harvard University but in Decedent’s Possession at Time of Her Death…” (March 4, 1969) (photocopy).

Folder 5: Mildred Barnes Bliss: Probate Record for 1537 28th Street, NW, Washington, D.C. (1969).

Folder 6: Mildred Barnes Bliss: A Collection of Jewelry from the Estate of the Late Mildred Barnes Bliss: Bequeathed to Harvard University, New York: Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc., 1970 (2 copies).

Folder 7: Robert Woods Bliss: correspondence and items relating to his estate.

Folder 8: Robert Woods Bliss: copy of article, Samuel K. Lothrop, “Robert Woods Bliss, 1875–1962,” American Antiquity 29, no. 1 (1963): 92–93.

Box 1: Mildred Barnes Bliss: Memorial Record, Joseph Gawler’s Sons, Inc., Washington, D.C., 1969 (Location: SUA1, Box 082).