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Alberto Prosdocimi

Italy, 1852–1925 (Artist)

Alberto Prosdocimi (1852–1925) was an Italian painter and manuscript illuminator. He studied painting at the Accademia of Venice as well as being trained in his father's studio. He often painted in watercolor, but like his father, he was a respected manuscript illuminator. Queen Margherita commissioned him to create an illuminated portrait of the Prince of Naples, and he subsequently made an elaborately illuminated album of the aristocracy of Padua and Verona as a gift of thanks to her. He also served as the Princess Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen's and the Granduchessa Holdemburg's painting tutor, solidifying his strong relationship with the monarchy.  He was one of the collaborators of La basilica di S. Marco illustrata nella storia e nell'arte (1878–1893), published by Ferdinando Ongania; Prosdocimi made the drawings of the Basilica that were printed as chromolithographs by Ongania in the books.