Annie Smith Peck

USA, 1850–1935 (Photographer, Publisher)

Annie Smith Peck (1850–1935) was an American mountaineer. She lectured extensively for many years throughout the United States and wrote four books encouraging travel and exploration. Peck was born in Providence, Rhode Island. Refused admission to Brown University on the basis of her gender, Peck attended the University of Michigan, which opened its doors to women in 1871. In 1885, she discovered her enthusiasm for mountaineering. Eventually, she climbed, lectured, and explored in Latin America and promoted Pan-American peace and geographic education through her lectures, articles, and books. Recognized for her contributions to South American trade and industry, Peru awarded her a gold medal for her exploration in “biographical and industrial data,” and for “her ascents to the lofty summits of the Peruvian Andes.” In order to raise money to support her climbs  as in 1908 for her ascent of Mount Huascarán in the Peruvian Andes – Peck had photographs that she had taken issued as postcards, which were printed in Leipzig, Germany.

Annie Smith Peck Credit Line Annie Smith Peck Credit Line

Annie Smith Peck Annie Smith Peck (1850–1935)