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Barbachano’s Travel Service

Mérida, Mexico (Travel Agency, Publisher, Distributor)

Fernando Barbachano Peón (1900–1964) was a pioneer of the tourist industry in the Yucatan, Mexico. Beginning in 1917, he purchased land in Chichen Itza and promoted tourism between the port of Progreso and the city of Mérida to Chichen Itza. In 1925, he sponsored the construction of the Hotel Mayaland in Chichen Itza and would continue to construct tourist hotels in the following decades. He established Barbachano’s Travel Service to offer boat trips from the port of Progreso to Uxmal for five-day visits and sponsored the publication of postcards of the Uxmal site. In 1936, he created the Maya Foundation for the conservation of archaeological sites in the Yucatan.

Barbachano's Travel Service Credit Line
Barbachano's Travel Service Credit Line

Fernando Barbachano Peón
Fernando Barbachano Peón (1900–1964)