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Buehman Studio

Tuscon, Arizona, USA, 1875–1951 (Photographers)

Buehman Studio was the photography company founded in 1875 by Henry Buehman (1851–1912), a German-born photographer who settled in Arizona and captured many images of the American West. His primary source of income was portraiture, but he also printed postcards and was among one of the first photographers to produce stereoview cards. He would also take post-mortem photographs of outlaws as well as deceased children for their grieving families. Following his death in 1912, his son Albert, also a photographer, took over the business, passing it on to his own son in 1949. In 1951, Remick Buehman sold the studio. Thousands of their negatives were purchased by the Arizona Historical Society in 1967.

Henry Buehman (1851-1912)