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C. H. L. Gartmann

Hamburg, Germany (Distributor)

C.H.L. Gartmann is a chocolate company in Hamburg, Germany. It was founded in 1810 by Esajas Gartmann (1772–1837) as a Swiss pastry shop on the Kirchenstraße in the Altona District. Esajas' son, Hannes Philipp Hermann Gartmann (18121874), developed the company into a major chocolate factory and, in 1846, moved the business to the Blücherstraße and named it Dampfschokoladenfabrik. In 1865, the confectionery business was separated from the chocolate factory, which was left to Hannes Philipp's son, Christian Heinrich Louis Gartmann (18431909), who ran the business under the name C.H.L. Gartmann. Around 1900, the company began to include picture advertising (trade) cards (Gartmann-Sammelbilder) with their chocolate rolls, and these became popular with collectors who kept them in albums (Gartmann Sammel-Alben) designed for the cards. The card images were diverse and included landscapes and German and Austrian buildings.

C.H.L. Gartmann Advertising Information
C.H.L. Gartmann Advertising Information