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C. L. C. / Charles L’Hôpital et Cie

Paris, France, 1905–1909 (Publisher)

C.L.C. (Charles L’Hôpital et Cie) was a postcard publishing house founded by Charles L’Hôpital in Paris. The company employed the initials C.L.C. and the logo of an anchor ("à l'ancre"). Postcards with these initials appear to have been published between 1905 and 1909. One of the Dumbarton Oaks Ephemera Collection postcards, Nogent-sur-Marne - Le Jardin Colonial - Les Laboratoires, has the C.L.C. initials and an anchor logo with the intertwined initials J. D. and a superimposed C on the anchor. This is the logo of the company J. Duval & Cie, which was associated with Charles L'Hôpital & Cie. (It is possible that one company published photographs of the other company.) In 1905, these two companies were assumed by the postcard publishing company E. L. D., founded by Ernest-Louis-Désiré Le Deleyone (1859–1917) at 127, boulevard Sébastopol and 1, rue Tracy, Paris, which became one of the largest French publishers of postcards and which initially retained the anchor as a logo. The firm later moved to 73, rue Claude Bernard.

C.L.C. Credit Line
C.L.C. Credit Line

C.L.C. Logo
J. Duval and Cie Logo on C.L.C. Postcard