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Dr. Trenkler Co.

Leipzig, Germany, 1894–1928 (Printer)

The Leipzig-Stötteritz firm of Dr. Trenkler Co., also known as the Graphischen Kunstanstalt Dr. Trenkler & Co. and the Phototechnisches Institut Dr. Trenkler & Co., was a graphic arts printing company that specialized in the production of postcards and was one of the largest picture postcard producers at the turn of the twentieth century. The firm was established in Leipzig-Stötteritz in 1894 by the chemist Dr. Bruno Trenkler (1863–1926) and his business partner, Carl Gustav Jährig. The Greek government awarded Trenkler & Co. a monopoly on the photography of Greek antiquities and landscapes. The main period of picture postcard production ranged from the early twentieth century until the 1920s. However, in 1909, after losing a legal battle and faced with labor strikes, the postcard branch of the company was sold to Trinks & Co. (TECO) (Deutscher Kunstverlag Trinks & Co.), also of Leipzig-Stötteritz. The Trenkler company continued to print postcards, although in lesser quantity. The company went bankrupt in 1928.

Dr. Trenkler Co. Credit Line and Logo
Dr. Trenkler Co. Credit Line and Logo