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Édouard Crété

Paris (Corbeil-Essonnes), France (Printer)

The É. Crété firm was a printing house in Paris. Édouard Crété (1863–1942) took over the company sometime before his father, Jules Crété, died in 1899. At that time, the factory was equipped with four rotary color presses and a photo-etching workshop. In 1906, the firm was renamed Imprimerie Crété, and its postcards often have the legend: E. Crété Succ., Corbeil-Paris, and employ the Lévy et Neurdein Réunis logo and the credit line: Anciens Etab. Neurdein et Cie.

É. Crété, Succ. Credit Line
É. Crété, Succ. Credit Line