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E. Papeghin

Paris and Tours, France (Publisher, Printer)

The publishing house of E. Papeghin was founded by Edmond Clément Papeghin (1878–1959) in Tours and Paris. Papeghin had moved to Tours in 1908 and worked with Robert Dorange for the postcard publisher Louis Lévy. In 1918, Papeghin, with Jules Cormault, founded the postcard publishing company Papeghin & Cormault  at 2, rue Colbert in Tours and 24, rue des Petites Ecuries in Paris. In 1919, Papeghin, who lived in Paris, established an AP trademark found on his postcards after this date. In Tours, the business was managed by the attorney Emile Dupré, who took over the business from Papeghin in 1929.

E. Papeghin Credit Line
E. Papeghin Credit Line