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Eastman Kodak Company

Rochester, New York, USA (Manufacturer)

The Eastman Kodak Company (Kodak) is an American imaging products company with an historic basis in photography. The company, founded by George Eastman (1854–1932) and Henry A. Strong (1838–1919) on September 4, 1888, and headquartered in Rochester, New York, was best known for its photographic film and paper products. In 1903, Kodak introduced a camera (the No. 3A Folding Pocket Kodak) designed for postcard-size film, allowing the public to take photographs and have them printed on postcard backs. The Kodak postcard camera was discontinued in 1943. In 1907, Kodak introduced a service called “real photo postcards” (“RPPCs”), which enabled customers to make a postcard from any picture they took. Similarly, in 1902, Eastman Kodak began selling silver chloride photo paper with a pre-printed postcard back. The papers were marketed under various subsidiary company names: Velox, ASO, AZO, EKC, Solio, Artura, Aristo, and Kodak (brand). The postcard back heading Photo Post Card with the stamp box wording Kodak Paper dates to 1950 and later.

Kodak Photo Post Card Logo
Kodak Photo Post Card Logo