Ed. Pinaud

Paris, France (Distributor)

Ed. Pinaud (Ed. Pinaud's Perfumery) is a Parisian perfume and cosmetics company founded by Édouard Pinaud (1810–1868) in 1830 at 37, boulevard de Strasbourg, Paris. He named the business A la Corbeille Fleurie. In the 1850s, Emile Meyer (1817–1888) became a partner and opened a second shop called Parfumerie de la Noblesse. After Pinaud's death, his son-in-law, Victor Klotz (1836–1906), took over the company, which was renamed Victor Klotz et Cie although its products were sold under the Ed. Pinaud name. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Ed. Pinaud opened a store in New York City. The company distributed chromolithography advertising (trade) cards often with a list of their perfumes and soaps on the reverse side.

Ed. Pinaud Advertising Information Ed. Pinaud Advertising Information

Édouard Pinaud (1810–1868) Édouard Pinaud (1810–1868), Company Card