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F. E. Brandt

Gmunden, Austria, 1901–1964 (Photographer, Printer, Publisher)

F. E. Brandt was a publishing house and photographic studio founded in 1893 by Friedrich Ernst Brandt (1860–1921). Brandt was a photographer and merchant. In 1895, he operated a studio and photography shop in Gmunden, Austria, at Theatergasse 5 and, later, at Graben 3. He initiated a postcard publishing business in 1901, employing the chromolithography (photochrom) printing process. His postcards typically used images taken in upper Austria, especially Salzkammergut. In 1921, the publishing house was taken over by Brandt's daughter, Anna Bodenstab, and the company continued in business until 1964.

F. E. Brandt Credit Line
F. E. Brandt Credit Line