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Fotocelere / Fotocelere di A. Campassi

Turin, Italy (Publisher, Printer)

Fotocelere (Compagnia Fotocelere) was a photography studio and graphic art and silver bromide photograph printing company in Turin, Italy, founded in 1908 by Mariano De Sperati (Desperati) at via Madama Cristina, 26. He also founded a similar company in Turin, L'Argentografica. In 1910, De Sperati went into partnership with Angelo Campassi at via Marocchetti, 4 to produce commercial photographic art and silver bromide postcards, which between 1917 and 1942 were published under the name Fotocelere di A. Campassi, when Campassi was sole owner of the company. In 1917, after returning from fighting in the First World War, De Sperati revived the L'Argentografica business and began to print postcardsFotocelere di A. Campassi published real photograph postcards in a wide range of genres, especially views of Italian cities, which were taken by a number of photographers.

Fotocelere Credit Line and Logo
Fotocelere Credit Line and Logo