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Fotografia Artistica F. Galifi Crupi

Taormina, Italy (Photographer, Printer)

Giovanni Crupi (1859–1925) was an Italian photographer born in Taormina, Italy. In 1885, he opened a photographic studio, Fotografia Artistica G. Crupi, in Taormina that was located on via Teatro Greco near the Piazza del Duomo. He photographed landscapes and monuments in Taormina as well as in Messina, Palermo, Girgente, Syracuse and Pompeii. In 1899 his photography business had failed, and Crupi left Taormina to open a photographic workshop in Heliopolis, Egypt, near Cairo. By 1902, his nephew Francesco Galifi (1865–1951) had taken over the Taormina firm under the name Fotografia Artistica F. Galifi Crupi, which was located in Piazza S. Agostino. Giovanni Crupi returned from Egypt to Taormina in 1910, although he no longer took photographs.

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