G. B. P. / B. G. P.

Palermo, Italy (Publisher, Photographer [?])

G. B. P. was a publishing company in Palermo, Italy, founded by Giovanni Bucaro. (G. B. P. are the initials of Giovanni Bucaro Palermo). Some G. B. P. postcards have the monogram logo of the printing house Stabilimento Grafico Césare Capello in Milan, Italy, at 7, via Lazzaro Papi. That business was founded in 1908. There are also real photograph postcards of Palermo views published by Fotocelere in Turin with the initials B. G. P. which likely also refers to Giovanni Bucaro, possibly as the photographer.

G. B. P. Credit Line G. B. P. Credit Line

B. G. P. Credit Line B. G. P. Credit Line