Gallaher, Ltd.

London, England and Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom (Publisher, Distributor)

Gallaher, Ltd. is a tobacco business founded in 1857 by Tom Gallaher (1840–1928) in Derry, Ireland. By 1896, Gallaher had opened the largest tobacco factory in the world in Belfast, and the business was incorporated in Belfast and London to "carry on in all their branches the businesses of tobacco, cigar, cigarettes, and snuff manufacture." In 1916, the company began inserting printed advertising (trade) cards into the cigarette packages, a practice that continued for decades and included the 1938 series "Garden Flowers."

Gallaher, Ltd. Advertising Information Gallaher, Ltd. Advertising Information

Park Drive Cigarettes by Gallaher, Ltd. Packet Park Drive Cigarettes by Gallaher, Ltd. Packet