Godfrey Phillips, Ltd.

London, England, United Kingdom (Issuer)

Godfrey Philips, Ltd., was a tobacco importer and manufacturer of cigars and cigarettes and was founded in 1844. It was one of the first tobacco companies to issue cigarette ("tobacco") cards, and the first set, published in 1904, featured anonymous pin-up girls. Cigarette cards are advertising (trade) cards that functioned to both stiffen cigarette packaging and, as a collectible, to advertise the cigarette brand. The Godfrey Phillips cards frequently were distributed with the cigarette packet for Pinnace, and the cards are today frequently called Pinnace cigarette cards. The pinnace cards were issued in three sizes: cigarette packet size, a medium size within cigar or cigarette boxes, and a postcard size.

Godfrey Philips, Ltd. Advertising Information Godfrey Philips, Ltd. Advertising Information

Pinnace Cigarette Packet Pinnace Cigarette Packet