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Hemingway & Co., Inc.

Bound Brook, New Jersey, USA (Publisher, Distributor)

Hemingway & Co., Inc. (Frank Hemingway, Inc.) was founded in 1913 by Frank Hemingway (1876–1931), a chemical engineer who was born in England and who emigrated to the United States in 1897. The firm was headquartered in Bound Brook, New Jersey, with branches in New York City and London. The firm produced chemical insecticides, other chemical products, and dyes. Hemingway was later president of Robinson, Butler, Hemingway and Co., manufacturers of lacquers, president of the Tar Distilling Corporation, and vice-president of the Inland Tar Company of Chicago. He also was manager of the development department of Sherwin-Williams Company, after Frank Hemingway, Inc. merged with that company in 1920. After the merger, Hemingway & Co., Inc., of Bound Brook, New Jersey, continued as a separate company.