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Kathreiners Coffee

Munich, Germany (Publisher, Distributor)

Kathreiners Malzkaffee (Kathreiner's Kneipp Malz-Kaffee / Kathreiner's Malt Coffee) was a subsidiary of Katzreiner AG, a German group of companies in the wholesale grocery business. The business was founded in 1829 by Franz Kathreiner at Burgstraße 16, 17 in Munich. In 1870, the business was taken over by Emil Wilhelm who took Adolph Brougier as a partner in 1876, and the company was called Kathreiner FKN (Franz Kathreiners Nachfolger). In the second half of the nineteenth century, the company grew to one of the largest and most important food retailers in Germany, and the mainstay of the company remained the importation of coffee beans. The company distributed postcards and advertising (trade) cards to promote the company and its coffee. They also issue collectible stamps to promote food products.

Franz Kathreiners Nachfolger Stamp Advertising
Franz Kathreiners Nachfolger Stamp Advertising Information