Vienna, Austria, ca. 1905–1930 (Printer, Publisher)

Kilophot (Kunstanstalt Kilophot GmbH) was a photographic paper manufacturer and lithography printing company in Vienna, Austria, which was active between 1905 and 1930. The company was founded around 1905 by Felix Leutner (1881–1966) for the production of postcards, photographic papers, and printing that employed both continuous tone and halftone lithography. In 1912, Kilophot acquired the photographic archive of Würthle & Sohn. In 1913, Leutner opened a new Fabrik photographischer Papiere und Kunstanstalt ("Factory of Photographic Papers and Art Institute") in Vienna, which, in turn, was acquired in 1925 by Oswald Fuchs-Robetin (18871931). At that time, the postcard printing concern, under the name Leutner, remained with Felix Leutner, and the firm continued postcard production until around 1930.

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