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Lévy et Neurdein Réunis

Paris, France, 1920–1932 (Printer, Publisher)

Lévy et Neurdein Réunis was a French printing house and photograph publishing company in Paris that was created about 1920 when the printer Émile Crête acquired the printing firms Lévy Fils et Cie and Neurdein FrèresThe new company was known as Lévy et Neurdein Réunis and was located at 44, rue Letellier in Paris. This photography studio continued to issue lithographic postcards, some of which were hand-colored real photograph postcards. On some of these, a separate photo credit was employed by placing the photographer's initials on the front of the card without an additional credit line or trademark. In 1932, the company was incorporated into the Compagnie des Arts Photomécaniques (CAP).

Lévy et Neurdein Réunis Credit Line
Lévy et Neurdein Réunis Credit Line