Liebig Company

London, England, United Kingdom, 1870–1975 (Publisher, Distributor)

In 1862, the Belgian George Christian Giebert became interested in the possibility of commercializing the chemist Baron Justus von Liebig's (1803–1873) formula for beef extract. The Liebig Extract of Meat Company was established in 1865 in London. The company established branches throughout the world, including Fray-Bentos, Uruguay, and Colon, Argentina. Between 1870 and 1975, the company published 11,000 colored chromolithograph advertising (trade) cards, which were issued in more than one country, and, therefore, are found in several languages. The reverse of most cards has advertising for Liebig Company products or a recipe as well as information about the image on the front side of the card. The last lithographed series came out around 1939, but more cards were reissued until the mid-seventies.

Liebig's Company Advertising Information Liebig Company Advertising Information

Liebig's Company Extract of Beef Label Liebig Company's Extract of Beef Label