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Maison Félix / Projet Félix

Paris, France (Designer)
“Le Costume de la Femme à Travers les Ages” (known as the “Projet Félix”) was held at the Exposition Universelle de 1900 in the Palais du Costume, Pavillon de la Mode, Paris. This fashion exhibit featured thirty historical tableaux of waxwork mannequins dressed by the elite couture houses of Paris. The tableaux included architecture, furniture, and social enactments typical of the different periods. The exhibit was conceived by the Maison Félix, a premiere Parisian fashion house jointly owned by the brothers August (1831–1910) and Émile (1841–1930) Poussineau. Albert-Félix-Théophile Thomas (1847–1907), the French architect and theater costume designer (whose work included costumes for the actress Sarah Bernhardt in Sardou’s play, Théodora) was commissioned to design the clothes, and the architect Charles Risler (1864–1937) was commissioned to design the tableaux, an undertaking which took five years.