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Mitsumura Printing Company

Tokyo, Japan (Printer, Publisher, Photographer [?])

The Mitsumura Printing Company (Mitsumura insatsu kabushiki gaisha) had its origins with Toshimo Mitsumura (Ryushido Mitsumura) (1877–1955) in 1901. Born in Kobe, Toshimo Mitsumura was a commercial photographer and printing entrepreneur. In 1893, he studied photography at Tokyo's Keio Gijutsu Daigaku college. In 1900, he attended the Exposition Universelle in Paris, where he was awarded a gold medal for photography. In 1901, with a group of investors, he founded the Kansai Shashin Seihan Insastu Goshi Gaisha (Kansai Photo Plate Making Company) in Kobe which specialized in collotype printing and photographic services. The Mitsumura company became one of the leading printing and photographic firms in Japan and led to the 1907 opening of a photography studio in Osaka called the Kitahama Shashin-kan. In 1918, Mitsumura moved the base of the company’s operations to Tokyo and renamed the company the Mitsumura Insatsujo (Mitsumura Printing Company).

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