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Société Nationale d'Horticulture de France

Paris, France (Distributor)

The  Société Nationale d'Horticulture de France (French National Society of Horticulture) had its origins in Paris in 1827 with the sponsorship of the French politician and scientist Louis-Étienne Héricart de Thury (1776–1854). The society was originally a club of enthusiasts wishing to exchange experiences or new horticultural techniques and the acclimatization of exotic species. In 1841, a second society was formed, essentially composed of practitioners, and the two societies merged in 1854, and this became the Société Nationale d'Horticulture de France in 1885. In the early twentieth century, the Society held an annual exhibition titled Exposition de chrysanthèmes, fruits, fleurs, légumes de saison et industries horticoles ("Exhibition of chrysanthemums, fruits, flowers, seasonal vegetables, and horticultural industries"), at the Grandes serres de l'exposition universelle on the Cours la Reine in Paris.