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Nic Tengg

San Antonio, Texas, USA (Publisher)

Nicolas (Nicolaus / Nic) Tengg (1847–1927) was born in Austria. His family moved to San Antonio in 1852, and eventually Tengg worked for Julius Berends, a bookseller and stationer, whose business was established in 1854 at 218–220 West Commerce Street. In 1874, Berends returned to Germany, and Tengg bought the business. After Tengg's death in 1927, his eldest son, Julius Tengg (1867–1966), continued the business, which was closed in 1964. The company also published postcards and viewbooks of San Antonio, and these were printed by Albertype Co., Brooklyn, New York, which was in business between 1890 and 1952Founded by Adolph and Herman L. Witteman as Witteman Bros., the company changed its name to emphasize the printing process: collotype (albertype), the photomechanical reproduction of photographic images. Adolph Witteman and others of the company photographed in cities across the United States and produced more than 25,000 collotypes of these images, which they printed as postcards and viewbooks.

Nic Tengg Credit Line
Nic Tengg Credit Line