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P.-L. Dermond

Izmir, Turkey (Publisher)

The publisher's name, P.-L. Dermond, who was active in the postcard business in Izmir (Smyrna) in the early twentieth century, may, in fact, be a pseudonym. During the years 1903 to 1906, he used photographs taken by Alphonse Rubellin, who had established a studio in Izmir in 1860; Dermond numbered these cards, beginning with 201. The photographs on these early cards show the ancient ruins of sites such as Midilli, Çanakkale, and Ephesos, as well as people wearing native garments. Most of the photographs were in black and white. Often next to the editor’s name is “Poste Autrichienne” (Austrian Post), indicating that these were printed on behalf of this particular post office in İzmir. Some of the postcards that Dermond published were given four-digit numbers and none of these were divided on the back. The P.-L. Dermond name is no longer found on postcards printed after 1907.

P. L. Dermond Credit Line
P. L. Dermond Credit Line