Phototypie E. Lacour Marseille

Marseille, France, ca. 1902–1910 (Photographer, Publisher)
Émile Lacour (born Victor Émile Rosales, 1848–1913) was a French photographer and postcard publisher in Marseille, France. He established a business in 1873 at 56, rue de Rome in Marseille and, around 1900, at 19, rue Thubaneau, where he published postcards employing the collotype process. His postcards are identified: Phototypie E. Lacour Marseille, E. Lacour, phot. Marseille, or Phot Lacour. When he retired around 1910, Lacour sold his photographic collection to the publisher Paul Ruat (1862–1938). Ruat continued to issue postcards with Lacour’s photographs but with the identification P. Ruat éditeur in place of Photypie E. Lacour Marseille.