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Richter & C.

Naples, Italy, 1842–1936 (Publisher)

The Neapolitan publishing house of Richter & C. was founded in 1842 by Cristiano Richter, a Swiss typographer, to produce chromolitographs in Naples. In 1906 the artist Mario Borgoni (1869–1936) became Artistic Director of Richter & C., and during the first three decades of the twentieth century, the company produced a significant number of posters, postcards, and labels for Italian hotels and the Italian tourist industry. After ca. 1935, the company used the signature S. A. Richter & C., which was replaced a few years later by S. P. A. Richter & C. and used from just before the war until the last years of the company. Chromolithography is the process of making multi-color prints from lithography stones. When chromolithography is used to reproduce photographs, the term photochrom is frequently used. Chromolithography began to be used in the 1870's and was all but non-existent by the end of the 1930s.

Richter & C. Credit Line
Richter and C. Credit Line