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Sébah & Joaillier

Istanbul (Constantinople), Turkey, 1888–1908 (Photographer)

Pascal Sébah (1823–1886) was a photographer in Constantinople (Istanbul). He was born there to a Syrian Catholic father and an Armenian mother. In 1857, he opened his first photography studio, “El Chark Société Photographic,” in Constantinople at 439 Grande Rue de Pera. In 1860, the French photographer, Antoine Laroche, directed the studio. In 1873, Sébah opened another studio in Cairo. Pascal Sébah suffered a stroke in 1883 and his brother, Cosmi, took charge of the business until Jean (1872–1947), Pascal’s son who also became a photographer, was old enough to inherit the business. To profit from his father’s fame, he signed his photographs J. Pascal Sébah. In 1888, Jean went into partnership with a French photographer resident in Istanbul, Polycarpe Joaillier (1848–1904). The firm of Sébah & Joaillier was named the Sultan’s official photographer, and at his request took photographs across the Ottoman Empire. After Joaillier’s return to Paris, Jean Sébah sold the business in 1908.

Sébah and Joaillier Credit Line
Sébah and Joaillier Credit Line