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Stengel & Co.

Dresden, Germany, 1885–1945 (Printer, Publisher, Distributor)

The Kunstanstalt Stengel & Co., GmbH was a book printing and bookbinding company in Dresden. They first employed collotype printing and later chromolithography and offset printing and were one of the largest German exporters of postcards. The company, first called Stengel & Markert, was founded in 1885 by Emil Stengel († 1906) and Heinrich Markert after they bought out the stock of the collotype printer, Scherer & Engler. By 1889, the business was known as Stengel & Co. and was producing around 6,000 postcards a day, most of which were offered in series. The company opened an office in Berlin in 1899 and a factory for collotype and halftone printing in 1901, the year they also opened a London office. The firm became a limited public company in 1906 shortly after the death of Emil Stengel. Around 1909, Joseph Keller became manager of Stengel & Co., and the Keller family were majority shareholders.The Stengel postcards were first distributed by O. Flammger and then Misch & Company in Great Britain and by the Rotograph Company in the United States, from whom they took over their production of art cards. Stengel & Co. operated until 1945.


Stengel & Co. Credit Line
Stengel and Co. Credit Line