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Pre-Columbian Image and Archival Collections

Moche archive, 1963–2011

This archive created by Christopher Donnan documents the art and iconography of the Moche, an ancient South American culture that inhabited river valleys in the arid coastal plain of northern Peru circa 100–850 CE.

Anne Paul Paracas textile archive

2,065 35mm color slides documenting approximately 2000 objects photographed by Anne Paul, predominantly textiles excavated from Paracas, from the collections of the Museo Nacional de Antropología y Arqueología in Lima, Peru

Justin Kerr Maya archive, 1966-2012

The collection consists of rollout and still images of Maya ceramics as well as, to a lesser extent, photographs of objects from other cultures such as Olmec, Moche, and Nasca. The collection also contains photographs of Maya archaeological sites.