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Design Matters! (Even at the EPA)

January 20, 2016 | Clark Wilson

Clark Wilson Midday Dialogue Image, January 20, 2016

Clark Wilson is the senior urban designer with EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities, which is responsible for the agency’s smart growth work. Wilson’s area of focus is ecologically sustainable development, with a specific concentration in advancing the transportation, livability, and environmental goals of smart growth in street design. At the EPA, he is the cocreator and comanager of the Agency’s popular “Greening America’s Capitals” program, which helps state capitals envision what “sustainability” can look like in their community. Prior to joining the EPA, Wilson was an urban design consultant in Oakland, California, focused on creating pedestrian-friendly and ecologically responsible neighborhoods and streets. He is the principal author of the Portland Metro Green Streets Handbook (2002), and the EPA-funded manual Stormwater Guidelines for Green, Dense Redevelopment (2005). He has been a speaker at over one hundred conferences nationwide, and for seven years he was a lecturer in the departments of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and City Planning at the University of California, Berkeley. Wilson has a degrees in fine arts from the University of Lethbridge, architecture from the University of British Columbia; and both landscape architecture and city planning from the University of California, Berkeley.