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Mellon Fellows and Senior Practitioners

The Mellon Initiative in Landscape Studies at Dumbarton Oaks offers semester-long fellowships to academics and designers, with additional opportunities for field research funding, and shorter-term invitational residencies for senior practitioners.

Current Fellows

Ashon T. Crawley

Ashon T. Crawley

“'in search of our mothers’ gardens'”

Fall 2022

Claire Dunning

Claire Dunning

"Funding the Urban North: Policy, Philanthropy, and Racial Equity 'After' Civil Rights"

Spring 2023

Rabia Harmanşah

Rabia Harmanşah

"Mapping the Forgotten Landscape: People, Power and Belonging—the case of the Island of Imbros"

Spring 2023

Kathryn E. Holliday

Kathryn E. Holliday

"Telephone City: Architecture, Urbanism, and the Rise and Fall of the Bell Monopoly"


Past Fellows

Alissa Diamond

Alissa Diamond

"Entangled Histories for Indeterminate Futures: Racial Capitalisms, Resistances, and Space in Central Virginia"

Summer 2022

Jennifer Hock

"Breaking Ground: Activists and Experts Build the New Boston, 1960–1975"

Summer 2022


Delande Justinvil

"Exhuming the Ex-Human: A Biocultural Investigation of  Black Remains in the Town of George"

Summer 2022


Amanda Martin-Hardin

"Greenlining: Outdoor Recreation and Segregation in the United States"

Summer 2022

Farhan Karim

Farhan Karim

“Landscape of Urban Marginality: Bihari Camps in Dhaka, Bangladesh”

Spring 2022

Glenn LaRue Smith.

Glenn LaRue Smith

“Out of the Shadows: Black Landscape Architects, 1898–1965”

Spring 2022

Rosabella Alvarez-Calderon.

Rosabella Alvarez-Calderón

“Negotiating the Future of Prehispanic Landscapes in Contemporary Cities: Rethinking Ancient Sites as Free/Raw Space”

Fall 2021

Samantha Martin.

Samantha L. Martin

“Designing for Dissent: Democracy, Urbanism, and the Mediation of Conflict”

Fall 2021

Danielle Willkens.

Danielle S. Willkens

“From Plantation to Protest: Visualizing Cultural Landscapes of Conflict in the American South”

Fall 2021

Sarah Lopez.

Sarah Lopez

“Architectural History Is Migrant History: The Development of a Binational Construction Industry from Below”


Amber N. Wiley.

Amber N. Wiley

“‘The Revolution Continues’: The 1976 Bicentennial and the Black Heritage Movement”


Anna Livia Brand.

Anna Livia Brand

“Freedom Cartographies: Locating Racial Oppression and (Re)Tracing an Archive of Black Radical Imaginaries”

Summer 2021

Elgin Cleckley.

Elgin Cleckley

“_mpathic design: siting”

Summer 2021

Pollyanna Rhee.

Pollyanna Rhee

“Natural Attachments: The Domestication of American Environmentalism, 1920–1975”

Summer 2021

Arijit Sen.

Arijit Sen

“Restorative Ligaments: Spaces of Everyday Resistance and Grassroots World-Making in Milwaukee’s Northside”

Spring 2021

Danika Cooper.

Danika Cooper

“Strategic Invisibility: The Exploitative Histories of Desert Landscapes”

Fall 2020

Alec Stewart.

Alec Stewart

“From Swap Meet to Main Street: Multiethnic Commercial Landscapes in Southern California at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century”


Sheila Crane.

Sheila Crane

“Inventing Informality”

Spring 2019

Sara Zewde.

Sara Zewde

“Cotton Kingdom, Now”

Spring 2019

Toru Mitani.

Toru Mitani

“Garden and Forest in Urban Space”

Fall 2018

Sahar Hosseini.

Sahar Hosseini

“The Zayandehrud River Speaks: Reading the Riverine Landscapes of Seventeenth-Century Isfahan”

Fall 2018

Sarah Klassen.

Sarah Klassen

“Agro-Urban Environments and Implications for Resilience in Medieval Cambodia”

Fall 2018

Laurie Olin.

Laurie Olin

“The Problem of Nature and Aesthetics in Planting Design”

Spring 2018

Jacob Boswell.

Jacob Boswell

“Urban Space and Climate in the Progressive-Era American City”

Spring 2018

John King.

John King

“New Forms of Urban Public Space and the Publics They Serve”

Spring 2018

Maria Taylor.

Maria Taylor

“Between Town and Country: The Soviet City-Landscape Nexus in Global Perspective”

Spring 2018

Basak Durgun.

Basak Durgun

“The Cultural Politics of Urban Green Spaces: The Production and Reorganization of Istanbul’s Parks and Gardens”

Fall 2017

Udo Weilacher.

Udo Weilacher

“Between Land Art and Landscape Architecture”

Spring 2017

Sara Jensen Carr.

Sara Jensen Carr

“The Topography of Wellness: Health and the American Urban Landscape”

Spring 2017

Peter Ekman.

Peter Ekman

“Suburbs of Last Resort: Landscape, Life, and Ruin on the Edges of San Francisco Bay”

Spring 2017

Burak Erdim.

Burak Erdim

“The Academy and the State: Situating Land Economics and Development Planning in the Cold War Middle East”

Fall 2016

Megan Asaka.

Megan Asaka

“The Unsettled City: Migration, Race, and the Making of Seattle’s Urban Landscape”

Fall 2016

Gary Hilderbrand.

Gary Hilderbrand

“Transforming Campus Paradigms: Two Olmsted Brothers Cases”

Spring 2016

Alpa Nawre.

Alpa Nawre

“Adaptive Land-Water Edges in Indian Cities”

Spring 2016

Kara Schlichting.

Kara Schlichting

“The Nature of Urban Coastal Resiliency: Twentieth-Century Governance, Environmental Management, and Design”

Spring 2016

Christina Milos.

Christina Milos

“Anticipatory Urbanization Strategies for In Situ Oil Sands Extraction in Nigeria”

Fall 2015

David Wooden.

David Wooden

“Washington’s Sewer History: Ideological, Technological, and Environmental Evolution”

Fall 2015

Anthony Wain.

Anthony Wain

“Searching for Common Ground in the Gardens of the Past: Transition and Transfiguration in the Post-Colonial Landscapes of Africa and Asia”

Spring 2015

Jeanne Haffner.

Jeanne Haffner

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Urban Landscape Studies