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Ethnic Diversity in the Tiwanaku Period (ca. 500–1100/1150 AD ) South Central Andes

Antti Korpisaari, University of Helsinki, Fellow 2008–2009

My project at Dumbarton Oaks was part of a longer undertaking, funded in Finland by the Emil Aaltonen Foundation. Consequently, I felt that rather than to try to write as much text as possible at Dumbarton Oaks, in the long run it was better to go through and scan books and articles for current and future reference, as literature on Andean prehistory is quite hard to come by in Finland. I found the Dumbarton Oaks library excellent and its staff very helpful, and in the end I was able to take several gigabytes' worth of scanned literature home with me. My library also grew greatly due to the possibility of downloading North American dissertations and theses through the Harvard E-Research portal.

Even if writing was not the main objective of my fellowship term, I did do quite a bit of that, as well. My major project was to work toward finishing the manuscript of a mini-monograph on the results of the archaeological excavations on the island of Pariti, Bolivia. I managed to all but finish the text part and to prepare the numerous figures and their captions. During my stay at Dumbarton Oaks I was also able to finish and send off three article manuscripts on the Tiwanaku culture and/or the Andean Middle Horizon. All in all, I consider my time at Dumbarton Oaks as having been both very productive and extremely enjoyable, for which reason I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to the staff and my fellow Fellows!